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Time Management Part Two

Time management is one of the most important necessities to be successful, and the following tips can help you become more focused, and make better use of your time. The first part of these tips can be found at this link:

4. My fourth tip to make better use of your time is to eliminate as many distractions as possible. For example, if you want to finish a report but you're sitting in a kitchen with a Netflix or youtube tab open, you'll most likely be tempted to take breaks and procrastinate on the work you intended to do. Try to eliminate as many possible distractions as possible, so sit somewhere where you don't have the chance to be easily tempted by something else, such as a TV, or food. My recommendation is to go to a coffee shop, or a library if you wish to study, or get some work done. This way you are in an environment where distractions are limited, and you are solely surrounded by the work you need to complete.

5. The next tip is to establish time limits for each task. If you have to complete an assignment that shouldn't take more than 30 minutes, don't let yourself take more than 30 minutes on that assignment. If you keep timers, you will be more aware of the amount of time you're spending, and it will encourage you to keep working. Establishing time limits can also help you regarding distractions, as you will be more encouraged to finish your task within the time limit.

6. Something that is very important that people don't often associate to time-management is your health, sleep, and exercise. Numerous studies show that a healthy lifestyle is linked to productivity and time-management. So by going to the gym, getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night, and eating healthier foods can help you manage your time much better.

7. Another idea to help you manage your time better is to utilize waiting time, and time where you have nothing to do. We all find ourselves in situations where we have nothing to do at times, such as in waiting areas, car rides, etc. Always keep something productive to do, especially if you're in school. Keeping a book you need to read, or a list of vocabulary you need to memorize for a quiz with you can be useful whenever you find yourself in a situation with nothing to do. This way instead of wasting time, you can get something done.

8. The final tip for today is to leave time in between different tasks. Most minds can't focus on something for longer than 90 minutes, so give yourself a break in between different tasks to relax and regroup. This can help you give your complete focus to your next task instead of being tired and only putting half the effort into the task at hand.

I hope these tips have helped you make better use of your time, and subscribe to this blog for more interesting and helpful ideas.

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